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2018 Senior League
Our goal is for you to have some fun, win some prizes, and enjoy a nice steak, chicken or salmon
dinner at the close of the season.
League entry fee is $50 paid in cash or check at the time of sign up, with checks made out to Richard Lund.
Your entry fee entitles you to play in the league, makes you eligible for prizes, and gets you one ticket to the awards
banquet. All of the entry fee proceeds go back to the players in the form of prizes, gifts certificates and the year-end
banquet. 2018 League will start on Tuesday, May 1st.
Speed of play: We should always be right behind (one half hole) of the group in front. We will be using a shotgun
start, allowing all golfers to finish together. Play is on Tuesday morning with the shotgun start at 9:00 a.m. in
May/June with an earlier start at 8:00 a.m. for July/August if course maintenance is finished early. We do try and
accommodate players that like to walk, however a shotgun start normally requires the use of carts. Please consider
riding on league day as it helps the speed of play and also having players finish together. The league is co-ed with
gentlemen and ladies playing together.
 Mountain Vista staff decides whether or not to cancel competition due to bad weather. You want to operate
on the assumption that we will be playing, even if it’s raining where you live. A final decision usually
won’t come until very close to our tee time, so call the clubhouse if in doubt. Senior coffee is always available
free .
 Makeup rounds are accepted. Makeup rounds must be made up one week prior to being gone or one week
after but must be completed prior to next Tuesday’s league. Please understand that you cannot make up
the last week of play for any reason. Makeup scores (3 maximum) will be included in the ongoing
competitions, but only regular weekly play counts towards the weekly events/prizes. We prefer you play
on league day, but realize things do come up. All makeup rounds should be witnessed by another golfer,
signed by the golfer making up the round and then turned into the pro shop immediately after the
round. Makeup scorecards should be marked “SENIOR MAKEUP” with the date of play being made up.
Score card are to be signed and attested to.
 Even though this is not the US Open, there are prizes at stake. So we’re going to play golf! This means that
The Rules of Golf apply! Richard Lund and/or Mike Walz comprise the “Committee” as defined in The Rules,
and therefore have final authority to resolve any issues. The best general advice is, play the course as you
find it, and play your ball as it lies and don’t touch it or move it around between the tee and the green! There
are no gimmies (All putts must be putted in the cup)! Also, pay attention to the course boundary markers.
For example, the white stakes to the left of # 1 / right of #1, right of #5, right of #6 and the right of #9 are
course out of bound markers. Never play a ball from out of bounds or drop in bounds (Rules of Golf). If you
do, your score for that day will not count, and you won’t be eligible for the weekly prize that day. Please turn
in one score card per foursome with LAST NAME and FIRST INITIAL legibly printed on them. Missing
or unreadable scorecards cannot be entered into weekly scoring and will not be included in final the
standings. Scorecards are to be signed and attested to.
 Point Parameters and league postings: Each week I will post weekly and season total stats along with weekly
event winners in the pro shop. They will also be posted online at Scores may not
be posted until the following Friday so that makeup’s can be entered before the week is posted. I enter all the
scores myself so if there are discrepancies or questions don’t hesitate to ask. You can receive points in a
couple of ways. You will receive 20 points for showing up each week, and 1 point for each person you beat or
tie each week.
 Prizes and Points: There are many weekly events which are both individual and team. At the year-end
banquet, the division winners will be announced with certificates being awarded to the top three individual
finishers in each division based on point accumulation throughout the duration of the season. Certificates will
also be presented to the weekly event winners. Established handicaps will be used for each player (not an
official GHIN handicap). For new players, starting handicaps will be based on three 9 – hole rounds turned in
prior to the first weeks play. Players from prior years play will start with their season-ending handicap. Any
questions, please contact Richard Lund. (970) 419-0397 – Good luck and see
you on the links